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Update #6: Schedule and Message System

Frank replied 1 month ago
Bug: Does not show schedule if you have not set up timezone for your account. It should show schedule with default (NY) timezone.

Update #4: Forum, Search changes, User page, Dynamic embedding, bug fixes

touden replied 2 months ago
I would love to contribute more releases ... if you need anything, just call.

Changes in featured section

Created 2 months ago
We used to only include HC and above quality movies in featured section. We didn't want to get people hopes up, when they saw new movie in featured sections and then discover that those movies hav...

Update #5: Simple fixes, Quality tags on posters.

Created 2 months ago
Featured preview: Nothing special, just featured posters now have preview too(when you move mouse over poster). Just like movies and shows have. Mobile design fixes: Movie/Show pag...

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